Brexit – Boris Johnson speaking in parliament, seeking an early election.

Johnson says he does not want an early election but its the only way to break the deadlock.

Johnson is set to lose this vote, which will being his tally to 6 votes for 6 losses as Prime Minister. The previous worse record for losses was 5 from 5. Also held by Boris Johnson.

Johnson had the opportunity as new PM to forge a way ahead but he well and truly blown it. BJ is due to head off to the European Council on 17/18 October. the options available to him are:

  1. to resign
  2. to request an Article 50 extension
  3. or to negotiate a Brexit deal

The first two are unlikely, he has promised to exit by Oct 31 so it’d necessarily mean option 3.  Then parliament would have to vote on it, opening the next can of worms. 

GBP is up a few tics the past minutes:


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